Could I Be Pregnant and Not Know It?

Could I Be Pregnant and Not Know it?

Are you going back and forth about whether you may be pregnant? Maybe you experience irregular periods, and you’re not having any other pregnancy symptoms.

You could be pregnant and not know it if you are really early in your pregnancy as well. Sometimes, a pregnancy test will give you a false negative result if the hCG levels in your body aren’t at detectable levels yet.

Most of the time, you will have a couple of early symptoms that often point to pregnancy. To be sure of where you stand, start with highly accurate pregnancy testing at A Choice for Women.

Common Pregnancy Symptoms

The Mayo Clinic shares common symptoms women experience early in pregnancy.

1. A Missed Period

A sign necessary for you to be pregnant is a missed period. If irregular periods are common for you, it can be more difficult to tell if you’re pregnant. You must take a pregnancy test to be sure.

2. Nausea with or without Vomiting

Hormonal changes cause nausea and morning sickness. While this symptom is common, not every woman will experience it.

3. Tender, Swollen Breasts

Some women may experience tender, swollen breasts that feel sore and sensitive. It may go away with time as their bodies adjust.

4. Fatigue

Are you increasingly tired and sleepy? With pregnancy, you could experience fatigue due to hormonal changes.

5. Frequent Urination

Are you going to the bathroom more frequently? Early in pregnancy, the cause is likely linked to a woman’s body increasing blood production. The kidneys process more fluid, which ends up in the bladder.

6. Moodiness

Are your moods up and down? Mood swings are very common in early pregnancy, and you may feel unusually emotional and moody since major hormonal changes are happening.

Free Pregnancy Services

Get pregnancy testing today at A Choice for Women to confirm a potential pregnancy.

If you receive a positive result with us, you may qualify for a limited ultrasound to confirm viability (if there’s a heartbeat and the pregnancy is progressing), location (whether the pregnancy is located within the uterus), and how far along you are. Also, be alerted of potential complications. You may also qualify for financial assistance in the event of a positive result.

Schedule an initial pregnancy appointment to get answers. You are not alone.