Can I Buy the Abortion Pill Online?

Can I Buy the Abortion Pill Online?

Since abortion is illegal in Texas, it’s illegal to receive the abortion pill in the state due to regulations. Since this law, women have started using unreliable online methods to receive the abortion pill online.

It’s important to know that while women may find the abortion pill online, they should be aware of the dangers associated.

Is Buying the Abortion Pill Online Safe?

The FDA has warnings and regulations to protect women’s health from the danger of buying abortion pills online. They warn about purchasing the abortion pill online because it bypasses many safeguards created to protect women.

Dangers of buying the abortion pill online include:

  • Unverified ingredients with risks/side effects
  • Unknown dosage, causing potential incomplete abortion
  • Online provider’s failure to follow FDA guidelines

Risks of the Abortion Pill

As far as the risks of taking the abortion pill, the Cleveland Clinic shares some of the risks associated, including:

  • Hemorrhaging that doesn’t stop
  • Incomplete abortion
  • Infection, which can lead to severe complications
  • Fever
  • Gastrointestinal upset
  • Anaphylactic reactions to medications

Protect Your Health and Safety

If you are traveling for an abortion, an ultrasound is vital before moving forward to confirm essential pregnancy details. The FDA only suggests the use of the abortion pill for women through 10 weeks of pregnancy, so it’s important to know how far along you are.

An ultrasound will not only confirm how far along you are but also alert you to potential complications such as miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.

Verify your pregnancy with a free pregnancy test and free limited ultrasound at A Choice for Women today to get answers about your pregnancy. We want you to be fully prepared and informed about the various abortion procedures.

Schedule an appointment with us, and we can help you understand what’s next. You are not alone.