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Are you pregnant? What are your options?

A Choice for Women Center offers free services and caring counseling for women seeking an abortion. A Choice for Women Center provides you with the latest information on abortion procedures, options and referrals for financial assistance. To be fully informed in making a choice, A Choice for Women Center can provide you with a free sonogram that lets you know accurately where you are in the pregnancy. Faced with the crisis of an unplanned pregnancy, you need to make your decisions in a supportive, non-judgmental setting where your concerns and rights are respected.

A Choice for Women Center is a non-profit center helping women with crisis pregnancies, primarily those seeking an abortion. A Choice for Women Center is dedicated to women’s integrity and freedom. Our services are accessible to all women regardless of their income.

For many years, A Choice for Women Center has provided confidential abortion counseling to thousands of women in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. We know that the decision about having an abortion can be difficult and involve complex issues. We also know that you are making a serious and significant decision about your pregnancy. To help you make your decision, we offer:

  • Free pregnancy test and free counseling.
  • Free pre-abortion sonogram.
  • Financial support available for other services.
  • We care about your long-term health and help you prepare for your decision about abortion.
  • Efficient service: pregnancy test results within 30 minutes.
  • Private and confidential services.

Our counselors are trained to present factual information in a calm, supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere. We also provide STD information, family planning counseling and resources. Click here to set an appointment.