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During the 2013 session, the Texas Legislature passed the Woman’s Right to Know Act (House Bill 15). The Texas law says your doctor must talk to you about certain things before you can have an abortion.

If you are considering an abortion, download and or print the Booklet or Resource Directory to receive important information that you have a right to know.

Download “A Woman’s Right To Know” Booklet
(593K, PDF, viewing information)

Download “A Woman’s Right To Know” Resource Directory
(508K, PDF, viewing information)

After you get this information, your doctor must wait 24 hours before your abortion can be performed. You and your doctor should talk carefully and in private. Some of the things your doctor must talk about with you include:

  • How long you’ve been pregnant.
  • The medical risks of having an abortion.
  • The medical risks of continuing your pregnancy.

You should know that Texas has the “Baby Moses” law, which allows you or the baby’s father to leave the baby up to 60 days old in a safe place without the fear of being charged with a crime provided that the baby is not hurt. Safe places are hospitals, fire stations, emergency clinics, or licensed adoption agencies.

It is against the law for your parents, relatives, or boyfriend to pressure or force you into having an abortion. Some examples of statements of coercion or force include the following: “If you have this baby, I am kicking you out of my house”, or “You are my child and you will do what I say.” Your parents do not have to support your child financially; however, they are legally obligated to continue to support you (if you are a minor). Additionally, you have the right to receive child support from the father of your child. And you may be eligible for financial assistance from the State and other groups. Contact us for more information on this topic.